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Top Strategies (and 7 Proven Tactics) to Grow Your Blog: Get Serious Traffic and Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

3 Strategies (and 7 Proven Tactics) to Get Serious Traffic and Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 430%

You know the feeling. You’re working hard on your blog, and you see some promising growth. Then one day, everything changes. Suddenly, people are discovering your content and actively seeking out your blog posts.

You might not know what happened, but it’s clear something clicked for your readers. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be obsessed with the new traffic spike and the impact it had on your blog. Finding the right strategy to consistently grow your blog can be challenging.

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That’s why, in this post, you’ll learn 7 strategies that have helped dozens of bloggers grow their traffic by 430% or more. You don’t have to be a v logger or a YouTube superstar to increase your blog traffic. Even if you’re just starting out, you can still use these strategies to boost engagement and drive more traffic to your content. Let’s get started.

Why is increasing your blog’s traffic so hard?

Offer good content that people want. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get if no one clicks on it. Your content will always be the best way to boost your traffic, but other factors like optimization, link building, and one-on-one networking are equally important. You can’t neglect any of these strategies, but you also can’t rely solely on them either. Good luck!

What are the 7 best strategies for increasing traffic to your blog?

There are many timing, content, and marketing strategies for growing your blog’s traffic. However, there is one proven strategy that has helped many bloggers increase their traffic by 430%.

It’s called the 7-step strategy. With this strategy, you’ll use social media marketing tactics, blogging, and content marketing to push your content to your readers.

In this strategy, you’ll build up a large social audience on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Then, you’ll use these platforms to boost your blog posts and create engaging conversations with your readers.

Next, you’ll use social media marketing tactics to increase your organic traffic. This includes using Facebook Ads, Google search, and LinkedIn ads. Then, you’ll boost your traffic with SEO-focused blog SEO strategies.

Create Quality Website Visitors to your website

The best way to boost your blog traffic is by driving more traffic to your website. However, if no one visits your website, you won’t be able to collect the data from your readers. Therefore, you should create high-quality website visitors to your website. What do I mean by high-quality visitors?

  • High-quality website visitors are people who are genuinely interested in your content and want to learn more about your topics.
  • High-quality visitors are people who are ready to buy your products or services. They’re not just browsing your website.
  • High-quality visitors have an Action-Bar-Desired mindset. These visitors are likely to buy something.

Optimize for Google

Google’s algorithm updates frequently to give an edge to its own products. Therefore, you must optimize your blog posts for Google. Google uses more than 200 different signals to rank websites. It considers things like incoming links, site speed, mobile friendliness, and more.

Consequently, if your posts don’t score well with Google, then they won’t rank well on the search engine either. One of the most important things you can do for your blog is to optimize your posts for Google.

Use an Optimization tool

Optimization for Google is a necessary step for boosting your blog’s traffic. However, you also need to optimize for other ranking factors like Bing and Yahoo! You can’t do this manually. That’s why it’s important to use an optimization tool. There are tons of optimization tools on the market. However, you should avoid all of them.

You should only use an optimization tool if it has the following features: – Google-Friendly content: This is a must. Otherwise, your content won’t rank well on Google. – Manual and automatic integration: You can’t just use a tool that automatically populates your blog with the right code. You need to do this manually. – High-quality USA website traffic and optimization: This is important for your blog’s traffic.

Link Up

The best way to boost your blog’s traffic is by getting natural links from other websites. However, you can only do this if you have a serious readership on these other websites. Otherwise, these are called link-building articles.

These are the 4 steps to link-building: – Find targeted websites that are relevant to your topic.

  • Pick a topic you want to write about in these websites.
  • Write the article and send it to these websites.
  • Wait for them to link back to you. It’s important to find websites that are high-value. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time finding these targets. It’s also important to note that you can’t spam your link-building articles. You should only send your articles to your real target websites.

Networking is King too

No matter what method you use, the best way to boost your blog’s traffic is by getting links and social shares. The only problem is that you can’t organism social shares in a room. You can only do this in the real world.

Therefore, networking is the best way to get other businesses to boost your links. You can only do this if you’re a part of a real business networking group. Otherwise, you can join blogs groups, social media groups, or online communities.

You can also buy Facebook ads, Google ads, and Twitter ads. In fact, you can use paid traffic sources to boost your blog’s traffic. But these are only temporary solutions. You have to come up with a long-term plan. By doing so, it’ll be easier for you to create a strategy that works.


As a blogger, you know that traffic is one of the most important factors for your blog to grow. It’s important to build an audience, but you also need to keep them engaged. It’s important to create high-quality content that keeps your readers on their toes.

It’s important to optimize your posts for Google. And, it’s important to get links and social shares from other websites. Every strategy adds up, so boost your blog’s traffic with the 7 best strategies.